Middle Eastern and Asian Immigrants are Unfairly Scapegoated

Jupneet Singh

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After September 11, 2001, there were many “National Security” measures put in place track Middle Easterners, South Asians, Latinos, and Blacks-anyone who looked Arab. They were subject to many instances of racial profiling, which dismissed “innocent until proven guilty” and only convicted for a “probable cause.”  All this happened even when President Bush specifically announced that there should be no discrimination against Arabs.

The system began fingerprinting visitors coming from parts of the world such as the Middle East or South Asia, and also fingerprinted “high-risk” non-immigrants.  They will probably use these people to track and locate “terrorist suspects.”  Many Middle Easterners, over 1,000, were detained unfairly, with no connection to 9/11, and more than 100 were unfairly deported.  There were secret deportation trials conducted so suspected terrorist Arabs could be deported, although, as was mentioned before, most of the Arabs deported or detained had no connections to terrorism. One man was the head of two very well respected organizations, but because they were connected to Islam, he was deported.  

Many court cases were conducted so Middle Easterners could receive citizenship, but the court denied it because of their race. Many Arabs -or even  just “Arab-looking” people- are subject to racism, simply because of terrorist paranoia.

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Middle Eastern and Asian Immigrants are Unfairly Scapegoated