Election Day

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Election Day

Troi Metzger

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Hey guys from Rio,

Tomorrow, as most all of you know, is the infamous Election Day. The day where Hilary Clinton

or Donald Trump will most likely be elected as chief and commander for the next four years of

our lives (of course there is a small possibility that another candidate will become our

leader…though this is slightly unnerving considering the intense focus on the Democratic and

Republican nominees).

Truthfully, terribly, the next four years are bound to be something else. In order to win, a

candidate needs 270 electoral votes. There has been some speculation whether or not any

candidate will receive this many. Also if any of the other candidates, besides the big two that is,

receive one vote they have the possibility of becoming our president. This is because without any

candidate reaching 270 votes, the House (currently dominated by Republicans) will appoint a

president. Why wouldn’t this be Mr. Trump or Secretary Clinton, you might ask? It is because

Trump no longer has the support of his party and speaker, and Clinton is a Democrat. The result

of this fiasco would be a candidate that many people didn’t know was running to be appointed as


Let’s not get too far gone into that mess of politics though. Below are some key pointers on some

topics of the campaign. Unfortunately, or fortunately for you, they only include the stances of the

Secretary and the millionaire…billionaire (rich guy, you get it). Please note that some things

below many be taken offensively, this is not my intention and am only reporting what candidates

have claimed.


Death Penalty- Both Trump and Clinton are pro on this. Though Clinton is a bit more reluctant,

say we should reserve it for very necessary criminals like terrorists. Trump is much

more…enthusiastic in his statement.

Racial Profiling- Trump is pro on this, claiming that constant vigilance is the answer and

specifically mentioning Muslims as an example. Clinton is con, claiming that she will rid the

training programs of unfair bias and ban racial profiling.

College Tuition, free- Clinton is pro, saying that students should not have to pay or take loans for

college, and that community college should be free. Trump is con, saying that as much as he

would like college to be free it is unlikely.

More Gun Control- Clinton is pro-gun control, she does not want to abolish the second

amendment but would like stricter control laws because of past incidents which resulted in loss

of life due to lax gun laws. Trump states that he is for the Second Amendment, so con in this

argument, and guns will help with safety

Abortion- Clinton is pro-choice; she supports women’s rights as well as women’s health. She

agrees that it is a woman’s decision when it involves her own body. Trump is con in this argument, saying that there should be a punishment for women who participate in abortion.

Should There Be A Fence Or Wall On The Mexico Border? – Trump is pro in this argument,

stating that the United States is being taken advantage of by these illegal immigrants, and a wall

must be built in order to separate us and prevent more illegal immigration. Clinton’s stance on

this argument is unclear; she agrees that there should be some form of control along the border in

a few areas but not something as drastic as a wall stretching across the entire border.

Legal Gay Marriage- Clinton is a supporter of gay marriage, saying everyone deserves marriage

equality. Donald Trump is against this, con, saying that if he were to be elected president he

would set up some judges who would change the current situation.

With all that said, hopefully the best runner for president is elected by the end of tomorrow. I’m

not going to say who that is, it varies with everyone. Have an exciting Election Day!

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Election Day