Undefeated Rio Mesa’s Girl’s Golf Team Wins PVL

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Undefeated Rio Mesa’s Girl’s Golf Team Wins PVL

Nicole Kim

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TOUCHDOWN!!! Oh wait… wrong sport… Hmm… What do you say when someone scores in golf?… I don’t think there’s anything special for it… But there is something else that’s special…

Rio Mesa’s girls’ golf team! You may as, why are they so special? For a number of reasons. First, they attend Rio Mesa. That automatically make them awesome. Maybe that’s biased…

The girls’ golf team won the Pacific View League championships easily by being undefeated in all their league matches this season. Nice job girls!

Their team also had two players, Arianna Hernandez and Nicole Kim, play at CIF SS Individuals by placing at the PVL finals.

Their team is pretty impressive. Sadly to say, they’ll be losing five seniors and will be left with four members on the team. Good luck to the seniors in college! Hopefully, they’ll continue to play this great sport.

“I’ll be playing golf in College. It’d be hard to just stop playing after high school. I love playing golf and I started it because my dad got me into it. I’ve stuck to it ever since,” Erica Zaragoza, a senior, lets us know that she’ll continue to play.

What do these golfers think of golf?

Arianna Hernandez, a senior, tells us how she perceives golf. She says, “Golf will NEVER go out of style.” Thank goodness. Glad to know that. It’s such a great sport.

“No one is actually good at golf. Even Professionals. They’re just not as bad as everyone else,” claims Julia Cote, a senior. That’s very interesting and true, indeed.

The Spartan golfers finished strong this season. Their coach must be proud. “They’re truly an amazing team. I swear to Buddha,” declares Coach Deardorff. Looks like coach has lots of confidence in his girls!

Once again, I’d like to congratulate Rio Mesa’s girls’ golf team. Good job ladies.

Congrats to Rio Mesa’s girls’ golf team!


Arianna Hernandez(senior), Morgan Appel(senior) , Erica Zaragoza(senior) , Jordan Appel(senior), Nicole Kim(sophomore), Julia Cote(senior),  [left to right]