New Meme ‘Bodes’ Well for Cats

Shanahan Europa, Writer/ Comedian

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The meme of this week is cat-tastic! It features the cats of the internet with the simple word “BODE” overlaid on overweight cats, and sometimes even cat-like creatures. “BODE” is short for “bodacious,” meaning excellent, admirable, or attractive and its juxtaposition with a cat radiates positivity for all felines, no matter their shape and size.

This meme originated from the imagination of Tumblr user ‘loghain,’ when he posted:

Within 3 days, it gained over 50,00 notes.
It’s nice to see that some dreams come true, because the “BODE” cats swept the internet!
Here are a few examples of this meme showcasing bodacious cats and their purr¬-fect bodies:
1. Tumblr user ‘mergator’ posted the following image of a cat (shown below) posed up against a wall with the word superimposed on it. It gained over 8,000 notes in a day.

2. ‘bntyhunter’ posted an image (shown below as well) of a cat attempting to get through a hole, with “BODE” overlaid. It gained nearly 4,000 notes in a day.

3. ‘non314159’ posted the next image of a goat with “GATO” superimposed over its relaxing body. With its refreshing take on the “BODE” meme, it has gained more than 30,000 notes in 5 days:

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New Meme ‘Bodes’ Well for Cats