The New Disney

Lani Nallira, Writer

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Have you been to Disneyland lately? Or any of the other parks all over the world? If you have, then I’m sure you have seen the changes occurring in the parks, from the construction of new lands to revisions, even to the tearing down of beloved attractions. While it is hard to see the parts of your childhood disappearing, now we have more memories in store from all of the new adventures to come from the Disney Imagineers.

So let’s start with the one closest to us then we will move about the globe. Disneyland and California Adventure has been having lots of new attractions in the past years, some including Cars Land and Hyperspace mountain, but now there are even more adjustments in store. In Disneyland there will be a Star Wars land approaching our galaxy. We have gotten a sneak peek as to what the attachment will look like, and while some details are not known to the public yet, we do know that it will be “out of this world.” As you may know there is already a bunch of Star Wars based rides and stores in Tomorrowland, but once the new land is created they will most likely be taken out or have name changes.For example Hyperspace Mountain will turn back to Space Mountain and the Star Tours may just have a slight development. Also, the Rivers Of America will be opening again the summer of 2017 along with the Main Street Electrical parade, it will be taking over Paint the Night Parade. Now… one of the biggest shockers ever. Tower of Terror is gone! The ride will now be Guardians of the Galaxy Themed.

This is what the new ride is bound to look like. The park has already gotten so much backlash for this. I even shed a tear because that was one of my first “Scary Rides.” The ride will still be free falling but the visual and audio will be different. While such an amazing ride is leaving, we will be getting an equally great ride. Last month I passed by Disneyland on my way to visit my family and they have already took the sign down and a cloth is covering the construction. The ride will still be working up till the end of January, so you still have time to ride it one more time before the Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror is gone forever.

Disneyworld in Orlando has some new attractions for the public to indulge in. There will be an Elena of Avalor Meet and Greet. Also a new Castle projections show called “Once Upon A Time.” Animal Kingdom will have an Avatar ride based on James Cameron’s Movie, this be will opening some time in 2017.

depiction of what the Avatar ride is supposed to look like          

Promo for the new attraction, you see Iron man flying through the park passing the castle, space mountain, and more

At Disneyland Paris, there are no drastic revisions to come, only temporary closures of some rides including Big Thunder Mountain and Pocahontas Indian Village, and more due to slight refurbishments. But did you know that it used to be called Euro Disney Resort and it has Sleeping Beauty’s Castle like the one is Disneyland? Most of the park is based off of ours actually and it is the second biggest after Shanghai Disney. Hong Kong Disneyland has the opening of the first Marvel themed ride in Disney history. It is called The Iron Man experience and it will be opening on January 11th, 2017. In this attraction located in tomorrow land, you will be able to go to four exhibits/rides, the Stark Expo, Become Iron Man, Take Flight with Iron Man Above Hong Kong, and The Iron Man Tech Showcase.

Another Theme Park is the Tokyo Disney, there are no notable changes soon to be occurring in this park. Fun Fact: Tokyo’s Castle is the same as Disneyworld’s, Cinderella’s Castle. (To the left).




Lastly, Shanghai Disney is very new, it just opened June 16th, 2016. The park took five years to build but that is okay because that is okay because perfection takes time. When and if you go there expect to see grand work put into it. There are six themed lands consisting of Adventure Isle, Fantasy Land, Gardens of Imagination, Tomorrow Land, Treasure Cove and Mickey’s Avenue. It is the biggest international park which stands at 3.9 square kilometers which is about 1.5 square miles. The rides at other parks are there but they are revamped, for example, Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure. It is their largest ride and their boats are not on a track they are magnetically controlled to get the best experience. Also, their Enchanted Story book Castle is the tallest of castles and is the most interactive of them all. While some of the rides there are from other parks, there are some that are only at Shanghai Disney, like the Tron Ride.


the inside of one part of the TRON ride

It is Called TRON Lightcycle Power Run Coaster and it is Disney’s fastest coaster. You are placed on a two wheeled light cycle and put into a giant space with bright lights, projections and sound effects.

Another ride only exclusive at this park is the Alice in Wonderland Maze. This is the first Alice in Wonderland ride that focuses on Tim Burton’s movie not the cartoon. You have to go through a big maze just to get to the Mad Hatters Tea Party. There are many more attractions and exhibits to see at Shanghai Disney as well as these hyped up ones.

So now that you know all of this, I hope that you take in consideration all of the things that Disney parks offer with the new developments. Enjoy your time at any Disney Amusement Park!


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The New Disney