The Biggest Differences in Beauty and the Beast

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The Biggest Differences in Beauty and the Beast

Lani Nallira, Writer

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Have you seen the new Beauty and the Beast movie? It features Emma Watson as Belle along with many other renown actors such as Dan Stevens, Josh Gad, Emma Thompson, and Ewan McGregor. This new live action representation was released on March 17th 2017. Even though Disney was the creator of both films they are not exactly alike. Disney added more detail to this version and many plot holes from the original were solved.
Disclaimer: This is not a comparison or a persuasion of one being better, this is simply a list of things that are different from each other. Also, there are many more differences than those listed here. Spoilers ahead!*
-Four new songs were added to the soundtrack that were not on the original. They are “Evermore” sung by Dan Stevens in the movie but on the soundtrack Josh Groban sings it as well. Another song is “Aria” by Audra McDonald. The song is performed in the beginning of the film when the Beast is dancing with different girls at the ball before he and the whole castle gets cursed by the enchantress. Also, Celine Dion is a part of the movie again, but with a different song titled “How Does a Moment Last Forever.” This song is a ballad and is very heart felt. The last is “Days In The Sun” sung by many cast members contemplating life as humans.

-The new reenactment added the scene where Beast takes Belle back to Paris to see her old house and she learns of how her mother died and why her father did what he did to save her. This gave the audience an idea of Belle’s mother and what happened to her.
Instead of her father being the inventor, Belle is. She makes a sort of washing machine out of a wheel barrel. She even helps her father while he is fixing a clock. Her father is more of an artist. By her being an inventor it adds to her being more of a brainiac and a beauty.
Belle is shown trying to escape. She is in her room and makes a rope and lowers it. When Mrs. Potts comes to check on her, she sees what the girl is doing and tells her to do as she pleased, but Belle did not leave.

-We learn more about the beast. It starts off with his back story. He was an arrogant Prince when he got cursed, but how did he become that way? We learn that when his mother died he was impacted greatly because she was the center of his world. Then his father made him to be the man that he is, so he became his father. We even see that the beast is intelligent and he likes to read. He shared his library with Belle and was very happy that they have something in common. The original portrayed the Beast as being ignorant and dumb while this new version portrays the opposite.

-Chip has no siblings in the new version. The original film features Chip and Mrs. Potts, along with other teacups. Having Chip be an only child makes a higher impact on how his life is affected by being a cup. He has no one to play with and is surrounded by adults. If he had siblings he would not feel as lonely and he wouldn’t be longing.

-Lefou is gay. Although he possibly could have already been a gay character in the 1991 version. It is now more apparent due to the backlash of many scenes. These scenes are making it more known that he has a fancy for Gaston. Also in the end he is seen dancing with another man .

-There are new characters. Maestro Cadenza is added, he is played by Stanley Tucci. This character is the husband of Audra McDonald’s character, Madame Gardenrobe. The enchantress is now a real character seen more than once .
When the petals fall, not only does the beast and objects get weak and more transformed, but the castle starts to crumble, too. This makes the situation more severe.

These ten differences are not the only ones through out the film and not all are from my original thoughts. My information comes from my experiences of seeing the films, and the time newspapers article.

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The Biggest Differences in Beauty and the Beast