Get to Know a Club – JOURNALISM

Jorden Harber, writer

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*This is an old article, never posted but it is informational so here ya go!*

Interview Conducted by Jorden Harber
with Journalism Treasurer Delainey Bright

Jorden: Hello Delainey, thanks for meeting with me. So you are the treasurer for Journalism Club?

Delainey: Yes I am.

Jorden: What is the journalism club?

Delainey: It’s a club where we write articles for our schools online school newspaper called “The Spartan”.

Jorden: We have an online school newspaper?

Delainey: Yeah!

Jorden: How do we access it?

Delainey: Go to

Jorden: What type of things do you guys write articles on?

Delainey: Umm everything. World news, school news, advice, arts and fashion, school news, sports…

Jorden: That sounds pretty cool. Am I able to get involved?

Delainey: Yeah totally. Just come to our meetings on the first friday of the month month in room 56, Ms. Oliff’s room.

Jorden: And what if I just have an article idea of something that I think the club should write about?

Delainey: Contact an officer or stop by a meeting and let us know! We would love if you shared some of your ideas with us.

“The Spartan” can be read at