Rio Mesa High School Homecoming 2016: A Night In Disguise

Andrea Alcala

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Rio Mesa High School hosted their Masquerade-themed homecoming dance on Saturday
October 22nd. This dance had a record-breaking turnout, as over 600 students lined up outside
the gym for the event to start. That’s 6 times the amount of last year’s homecoming and
hundreds more than last year’s Prom! The response of students to this dance was so great, it had
to be extended for an extra 30 minutes to compensate for the time spent waiting in line. When
this was announced, the students roared with jubilation. This night at Rio Mesa was truly one
the spartans (and their guests) will never forget.

During the month leading up to the event, Homecoming was on everyone’s mind. Hallways
would crowd as a brave young spartan would pull out a poster revealing a message asking his
girl to HOCO, usually involving a pun and some gift that relates to the message. These HOCO
proposals were the highlight of every nutrition and lunch break leading up to the dance. Girls
would spend their weekends dress-shopping and guys would seek for matching ties and corsages.

As for those working behind-the-scenes, ASB students had been preparing for this event since
school began. With the help of these students and SOS Events, they were able to transform the
gym beyond recognition. Thanks to their hard work, the event was able to meet the growing
expectations of the student body.

The Dance itself was a hit! With the exception of the power going out near the beginning of
the event (that of which was promptly taken care of), it ran smoothly. Students enjoyed
themselves dancing to music they pre-requested, layers of bleachers were drawn out for sitting,
water was for sale, and there was a cool off section outside the gym. As for the dancefloor, the
DJ kept the energy alive by being interactive with the crowd and lifting their spirits. There were

two slow dances throughout the event, one of which was the King and Queen dance in which
Matthew Torres and Bridgette Smith stole the dancefloor. It was at this moment when the crowd
was shook with a surprise balloon drop, making it the hands-down climax of the night. Students
“awww”-ed in amazement watching the balloons fall to the floor in slow motion, then bouncing
them back up into the air. This aspect of the dance had never been done in recent years, making
it a feature that blew-away our students’ expectations. By the end of the night, I think it’s safe to
say that ASB has a lot to work up to in planning the next dance!