Principal Advisory Meeting #2

Harnoor Singh, Chief Editor

Dec 15, 2021. The second principal advisory council meeting in the 2021-2022 school year was held at Rio Mesa High School. Students were again chosen from all around campus and they all represented different groups around campus. Many new students had also arrived which was a nice change to the environment. It allowed for new ideas, and new takes on generally hot topics. The main focus of this meeting was on safety. This came around due to multiple bomb threats by multiple students of different schools in the area. Thankfully our school was not affected, however, paranoia was still one huge factor to address. We discussed topics such as mental health, safety online and on campus, and just how Rio Mesa felt in general. Everyone was pretty unanimous on the fact that safety should be taken very seriously, and even if something threatening was said as a joke it should still be dealt with swiftly and properly. Finally, Mr. Contreras lightened up the mood by bringing us all pizza!