Brite Interview

Rosangela Cortes

On Dec 8, 2021 Rio Mesa wellness center held a stress management & dealing with anxiety workshop with brite ! I got the chance to interview Ashley and Mitch from the non profit organization here are what we got to talk about.

What is brite about?

“Brite is a non profit organization started in 2006, it uses theater techniques, art, social media and technology to engage with the community and social issues. So a lot of the funding will end up talking about mental health and drug use and other topics. Our whole goal is to use these techniques and use these different forms is to engage with the community, especially youth 12 – 25 thats our target age group younger people because young people have a voice and have things that they care about and often are overlooked or talked to in a way of contending, our goal is to hear youth voices and what they care about and then start making plans, project and art, just to engage and try to make social change “ Mitch says.

How do you pick the topics for each workshop?

“Yeah, we will have a need and a school or teacher or the county will say they want to focus on mental health or other things, then we will work with experts and work with students to see what students would want in a  workshop. We have more stuff around mental health than ever before because of all the wellness centers coming up and because there is a shift of focus to mental health that why currently is shrouding that.”

Why is it so important to help our youth?

“I think youth and young adults in our community are so smart, and know so much. I don’t think adults don’t always listen to them when they should, and they live these things everyday so I think they should listen to the youth and young adults so I think getting their input is so important.” Ashley says. Mitch also says “Our youth is a lot smarter than a lot of teachers and counselors and policy makers think. I know this is kinda cheesy but the youth of today are the adults of tomorrow but it’s totally true, we want to start at a age where there a lot of brain development and a lot of room of creativity and choose their path and being open minded about things and social issues is important to start in a younger age”.

Anything you would add on?

If anyone reading this article is interested or volunteering with us, we have projects we can work on and we want to know what you have to say, rather than it through writing or art work or photography. If you want to make a video with us”. Ashley says. “Our social media and website have tons of interactive workshops and online things , at and briteyouth on all social media. We really looking for youth who want to be involve and that want to make a different because we had youth come to us wit and idea of a short film and we help them remake it , i really want to emphasize how much control and how much input you have and how your project is your project and we are just there to support and that what brite all about empowering youth voices, we also bi-weekly GSA meetings on zoom every Tuesday @ 4 , for Lgbtqia members and allies.” Mitch says.