Seniors Grand Canyon University Trip

Kristin Rosenmund, Administrator


Imagine having to spend four years of your life in a place you’ve never visited.  You just show up one day and make the most of what you’re given.  For many students all around the world, they find themselves in this situation when attending college.  Luckily, some Rio Mesa seniors were given the opportunity to visit Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona over the Veteran’s Day Weekend!

Princess Sesay, a senior IB student was one of the lucky students that was able to go on this trip.  A few of her friends were also able to join her, so she was given the perfect opportunity to envision what her life will be like next year while she is away from home for the first time!  When asked how she felt about the idea of leaving behind her hometown friends and family, Princess seemed to feel a mix of emotions.

“I feel excited to start the journey of being an adult, but nervous at the same time.  I’m really looking forward to finding myself and exploring somewhere new.”  And she was given a sneak peak of just that!

The senior arrived by plane to Arizona on Friday.  They checked into a hotel just minutes away from the GCU campus, which allowed them to take a shuttle to the main campus and get to explore on their own in groups.  Upon returning back to the hotel, they had dinner and got to kick of the weekend with some swimming!

Saturday was when the seniors were able to get a true feeling of a college campus.  They were each put into tour groups, led by the Grand Canyon University Discover team!  The tour consisted of the campus, on campus-housing, and the buildings for each student’s respective major.  To make the weekend even more special, the seniors got to attend the GCU women’s basketball game at home that night!  After a final hurrah of karaoke and a bonfire, they packed up and left early Sunday morning.

When asked about any advice Princess would give to rising seniors who feel daunted by the process, she had a few tips to share.

“Definitely start early!  Make sure you’re utilizing our college and career center, they are always happy to help!  Figuring out what you want in a school is important.  So, if that’s diversity, campus size, or location, take that account when researching.  Take advantage of any field trips to universities or guest speakers that may come to campus, they can provide a lot of insight on college life too.”

As Princess prepares to attend Grand Canyon University next fall to majoring in nursing with plans of becoming an RN in the future, it is best to know the future should be exciting.  You can be nervous about the unknown, but you can also be thrilled by the idea that there is so much more to come!