Graduating Seniors History Trip: 4,484 Miles Away

Kristin Rosenmund, Administrator

Travelling to a whole different country with friends is typically something you only see in the movies.  However, this year’s graduating seniors will get to experience this opportunity this summer, just merely a month after graduation!  Every year in the past, Mr. Holloway and Ms. Tchiprout have alternated taking the seniors on this trip, which hasn’t happened since 2019 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The planning process for this trip all started last year, when then junior Israel Alejos was sitting in his IB History class listening to Mr. Holloway teach the class about the events of World War 2.  He had remembered Mr. Holloway telling the class about his senior trips to Europe,and decided to ask Mr. Holloway if he was ever planning on going again.  

“I remember him telling me it was probably too late and we would need to see who was interested right away.  After that I made an interest form on Google Classroom in hopes that this would catch people’s attention,” Israel added when talking about the process of planning.

Now, the trip has officially seven seniors signed up, with some students not even in the IB History class who were still interested in this opportunity.  Starting July 17, 2023, these seven seniors along with Mr. Holloway will be touring Europe for ten days as they visit London, Portsmouth, Normandy, Bastogne, Cologne, and Munich.  When asked what he’s most excited to visit, it was hard for Israel to pick just one.

“I think I’m most excited to see Normandy and visit the Arronmaches D- Day museum as that particularly drew my attention the most in class last year.  I’ve seen Normandy depicted a certain way in movies, and it’s going to be really interesting to see how it differs from reality.”

While the seniors are preparing for their trek across the country in just a little less than six months, the juniors have already started their “Passport for Education Fundraiser,” in hopes to get this once in a lifetime experience next year.