She’s All That is All That!

Kristin Rosenmund, Administrator

A full production in a school cafeteria seems unheard of, but the Rio Mesa Drama Program was able to fulfill this and exceed expectations!  Choosing a play that is not too overdone but also has a number of roles that members are able to play can be a difficult task.  When asking Amelia Quintana, the Drama Club President, how she came to choose She’s All That as the winter play, she was able to provide insight into how the cabinet all worked together for this decision.

“Ultimately, the idea came from out Seargent at Arms, Max Garza. As a cabinet, we discussed that this year, we should find productions relevant to high school and to audiences. So, because he is a fan of the film himself and told us that not only students but parents are familiar with it, we chose She’s All That.”

After finally settling down on the play, it was time for the audition process to ensue.  When directing a play for film, what directors or production members are looking for in the actors can vary.  It all comes down to what attributes and acting methods they value.  As well as being the President, Amelia Quintana was also a co-director in the production of She’s All That.  While watching the auditions, Amelia gets right down to the original source.


“For the audition process, the directors, which for this show was myself, Amelia Quintana and Max Garza, discuss who we think fits best for each role after everyone auditions. Both of us studied the movie and watched the auditions very closely to see who are perfect fits. However, not every character is a perfect fit so we have to look at the potential of the actors acting.”

Like everything in life, putting this play together didn’t run as smoothly as it may seem from the outside.  The Vice President, Geraldine Mae Cabanban, didn’t shy away from talking about the challenges of the production.

“There was a lot of difficulty in casting, as there were not many people who auditioned and some roles were competitive. This struggle in keeping a set cast pretty much continued until a week or two from what I heard. However, all the actors, directors, and backstage workers’ hard work paid off as our production of She’s All That made over $1000. It really shows that you gain the fruit of your own labor.”

Looking forward, the Drama Program helps to find the same success in the upcoming spring musical, Heathers: The Musical as they did in She’s All That.  Amelia Quintana and Geraldine Mae Cabanan both have their own vision for what they are looking for in the upcoming cast.  While Amelia Quintana looks more to the talent she can see from the new cast, Geraldine Mae Cabanban is hoping to leave an impact on the school from the message of Heathers: The Musical.

“What I am looking for is a huge impact this production can have on our school, our district, and those who watch and support this production. This musical touches on subjects such as bullying, suicide, and mental health issues, which relate strongly to us adolescents in high school. So, I want this production to make a statement that these are real issues in the world that not just teenagers go through. And we need to find healthy and justified ways to overcome them. Not only that, but I want to show that the arts are worthy of funding. Not just athletics (minor shade, but hey, everyone is well aware of it). However, my dream for this production cannot happen alone. We need singers. We need dancers. We need actors. We need artists. We need as many people as possible to make my dream of a production come true. So, my cabinet and I plan to connect with other clubs and organizations at our school to make this production an awesome one.”

Make sure to mark your calendars for either April 14 or 15 to see Heathers: The Musical in action at the Pacifica High School Auditorium!