Welcoming the Class of 2027

Kristin Rosenmund, Administrator

Most current Spartans remember the first time they stepped on the Rio Mesa campus.  Whether that was for an older siblings sporting game or on campus event, for many, their first time walking around Rio Mesa was when they came for their middle school visit. On February 1, the graduating class of 2027 got their opportunity to see where they would be spending the next four years.

As the eighth graders from six different middle schools unloaded from the bus, they were greeted by the cheerleaders and the marching band playing in the background.  After taking their seats, the ASB cabinet, led by Anouk Hirano and Clark Ehler, gave them a brief introduction and a welcome to Rio Mesa.  They started off by showcasing some of the clubs on campus with their respective officers giving a speech about what their club is about.  These clubs included Key Club, Caring Closet Club, Art Club, Asian Club, Girls Lib Club, and Asian Club.

A thunder of chaos ensued as the middle school kids were then sent off to find a Spartan Ambassador who would be giving them a tour around the school.  Spartan Ambassadors are junior and senior student volunteers who help at not just the middle school visits, but the freshman orientation in the summer as well.  The areas highlighted in the tour included the pool, football field and track, Mount Olympus Wellness Center, CTE pathway classrooms, and the counselors hall in the main office.  Once the bell rang for nutrition, the middle schoolers were rushed back to the gym to not get caught up in crowds.

Back at the gym, the eighth graders were treated to a performance from the cheer team, and all three levels of dance which consisted of beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  A panel session was then held by the ASB cabinet where they offered words of encouragement and advice for what they wished they knew before entering high school.  The band then started up and the sound of pom poms swooshing from the cheerleaders was heard as the eighth graders made their exit  back to the buses.

Even though the eighth graders were only given a two hour introduction of what the next four years at Rio Mesa has to offer them, the entire ASB class along with the Spartan Ambassadors and representatives from all campus activities were able to give them a memorable day that they’ll be looking back on even in 2027.