Wellness Center Valentine’s Day Pop Up

Savannah Landaverde, Writer

Rio Mesa has never seen so many roses and balloons on campus. Students dressed in the theme of the holiday wearing white, red, and pink colors. Rio Mesa wellness peers began to set up for their Valentine’s Day pop-up event before lunch with prior planning. The wellness center holds events at the quad to celebrate a holiday and this month was dedicated to Valentine’s Day. They included games, a photobooth, a special water balloon contest, and ASB had people sing on stage.

Pop-up events come with significant planning and collaborative ideas. Decorations are curated to exaggerate the Valentine’s theme and help students feel welcome to participate in the games. Emilia Centeno makes certain that students engage by “speaking to the crowd.” Feeling very comfortable with audiences, she likes having the job of “getting the party started.” If it takes joining in on the water balloon toss, she will do it. 

Social media coordinator Lina Solis did not join in on the water balloon toss but she did help supervise the game with a few other peers. “Whoever won was given a rose. We tried to have them give it to someone in the audience but they ended up giving it to their friend.” She also  agrees that setting up the event is a little worrying, but  is relieved after seeing everyone have fun. 

Emilia also assists with decorations. Just the day before, she went to the store in hopes of finding more heart-shaped crafts but was out of luck. “It was also the day before Valentine’s Day so everything was sold out.” The wellness center did place an order prior to the event, but she wanted to offer more decorations knowing she wouldn’t get reimbursed. “The wellness center has a good budget.”

Emila’s favorite pop-up was either the Halloween or Christmas event. “The hot chocolate from the Christmas pop-up was really good.” Lina’s favorite event was the Halloween pop-up because of the turnout being very successful. The wellness peers are all equally excited for the upcoming wellness fair.